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Reflections & Recipes of Mrs Wee Kim Wee

A cookbook of distinction, Cooking for the President comprehensively expounds Mrs Wee Kim Wee's incomparable Peranakan (Straits Chinese) Cuisine. Set against a tapestry of the rich Peranakan culture and tradition, and in the context of the story of Singapore's First Couple - fourth President Wee Kim Wee and Mrs Wee Kim Wee - is is a magnificent collection of recipes. Mrs Wee and her daughter, Eng Hwa have given Singapore an important legacy to treasure and enjoy! 

Winner of the

Gourmond World Cookbook Awards

Singapore 2012

An Amazing Culinary Encyclopedia  -  A Peranakan Legacy 

Cooking for the President has been a labour of love for me for over twenty years. I knew from a young age that I wanted to write down the recipes which my mother cooked for our family, friends, diplomats and presidents. I hope that you enjoy trying the recipes and that they will become part of your heritage also.


 - Wee Eng Hwa 

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Opening of the Wee Kim Wee Room 
at Singapore Management University

The Wee Kim Wee Room is tasked to promote a deeper understanding of the impact of cultural diversity on the business environment.

“This book is breathtaking, brilliant, expansive, unique - a phenomenon... It reads like a delicious letter from a long-time friend - personal and intimate. Eng Hwa's stories reveal her family's incredible lives, centred around the family kitchen.”

— Leslie Mansfield

Swiss Winery, Conn Valley, USA

“This book is a double treat. It tells the remarkable story of our fourth and beloved President, and it is also an encyclopedia of Peranakan cusine. All who love President Wee or Nonya food, or both, should buy

a copy.”

— Tommy Koh

National heritage Board


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