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Reviews and Comments


“It amazes me to think of the tremendous amount of dedication that Eng Hwa has put into this monumental tome. A gift to the world of gastronomy, Cooking for the President is to Nonya cooks what Larousse Gastronomique is to the French — a culinary encyclopedia like no other… I am so pleased that her family’s cherished recipes are now generously shared here for all to recreate at home. Dive in and be drawn into the fascinating world of Nonya cuisine.”


Josephine Soh

Food writer & editor




“Wee Eng Hwa’s Cooking For The President is breathtaking, brilliant, expansive, unique- a phenomenon. It is a  cookbook-cum-biography of her parents, the Fourth President and First Lady of Singapore,  that reads like a delicious letter from a long-time friend - personal and intimate, written and compiled with so much warmth, depth and honesty, and matchless in detail. Her stories reveal her family’s incredible lives all held together by her mother and grandmothers, centered around the family kitchen and their cooking experiences.  Her loving account of her parents reveals their timeless human qualities.”


Leslie Mansfield

Cookbook authoress and Chef

Co-owner with Richard Mansfield of Swiss Winery, Conn Valley, USA.

“Thank you so much for the lovely book written by Wee Eng Hwa.  I cannot put it down. The history, the stories, the cultural insights and, of course, the food has been completely mesmerized. please send my appreciation to Eng Hwa. It should be a compulsory read for all culinary students to help them develop an appreciation of the grand Peranakan cuisine.”


Eve F

“I could not leave my hands off the book & read many of the chapters of the stories till my eyes could not open anymore. It is so heartwarming to hear of the humble beginnings & the wonderful people that God sent to give President Wee a hand during & after the war and regardless of race & nationality & Mrs Wee's faithful devotion.”


Linda O


“Ms Wee's book is not just a meticulously-compiled, beautifully-photographed compendium of Nonya classics; it is a paean of admiration and affection for her own remarkable parents and the warm circle they created around them by sharing their food, hospitality and friendship so generously. To a chef, few things are more important.”


Anton Mosimann, OBE

International Chef, Mosimann's Dining Club, Belgravia, London

Caterer to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge




“Wee Eng Hwa's book, Cooking For The President, is a double treat.  It tells the remarkable story of our fourth and beloved President, Wee Kim Wee, and Mrs Wee. It is also an encyclopedia of Peranakan cuisine.  All those who love Wee Kim Wee and Mrs Wee or Nonya food, or both, should buy a copy.”


Tommy Koh

Chairman, National Heritage Board

“Cooking for the President is a beautiful book! I have looked at all the photos and tried several of the recipes, including high Hainanese chicken rice. You have assembled enough recipes to last several lifetimes! my congratulations to you and your mother.”


Leong Liew Geok

“I've been so 'busy' going through your book and haven't put it down since I brought it back. I am amazed that you single-handedly compiled all your mum's recipes and even photographed them yourself.  Thanks once again for giving me the opportunity to own this very precious book.”



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